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Jan 11/00. Compaq's Itsy: My kinda PDA.

Science Compaq's Itsy project, a superb effort on behalf of Compaq Research, has created what I think is the most significant PDA device since the Newton. Imagine a handheld PDA running a GNU/Linux system that you can modify to suit your needs, with a 200Mhz strongarm processor, 32 megs ram, USB, and audio. To boot, it would be capable of running Java, the X Windows system, and a input system superior to Grafitti! Too bad its not for sale, but it verifies my belief that companies can do so much more than what they are currently offering in today's PDA's (except the Newton). The hardware used in the Itsy would not significantly differ from the costs invovled in current H/PC units, so what gives ? You might wonder how this relates to PDA's in medicine; well it does in a big way. The Unix environment is the preferred work environment for programmers. With such a device, programmers can create new "efficient" software without resorting to proprietary 3rd party solutions that cost big money. In addition, it would be simple to link various programs to each other, regardless of the host machine, because of Unix's portability. A lot of the patient tracking software relies on 3rd party proprietary databases, which in turn may not link up to your hospital's centralized database. With Itsy, one could use tracking software that directly connects to Oracle, DB2, mySQL, etc..

Dec 15/99. 10AM PST. Announcing PDAMD.com!...

Science PDAMD.com, the most comprehensive medical PDA resource on the web, went online as of Dec 14/99. In it, you'll find coverage on all popular PDA platforms, ranging from PalmOS to EPOC. In depth reviews from medical professionals and discussion boards also complement this well designed site. Palm-MD welcomes this site to the growing PDA medical community.

Nov 13/99. 5:30pm EST. Linux, Medicine, and the Open-Source Movement...

ScienceWhile reading up on /., there was a tidbit on a the work of Daniel Johnson, MD. He has taken the time to write a very detailed paper on the open-source movement, and how it can perhaps benefit clinical medicine. Specifically, it looks its potential use in an outpatient-care setting with applications such as patient management software. It's a worthwhile read.



Obviously, not everything can be converted to open-source overnight, if at all even. The proprietary software used in hospitals today go through vigorous testing, and are decent, if not cost efficient solutions. Accountability is a key issue in this topic, as proprietary software is backed by their creators, whereas in open source software this does not hold true. Thus, something like patient management software does seem like a good entry point into this field. The bottom line is that the open source movement has, and will churn out more effective and efficient solutions in the long run, so it would be a good idea for IT workers in health-care settings to look into this.

Oct 28/99. 10pm EST. Computer Crash

Science First. My computer has been in the repair depot since Sept 13, thus the lack of updates. Secondly, this site is still in the process of a major overhaul, so I will be updating the look in the near future. Added some new links, including one to a rural medicine site which will be featuring an aritcle on PDA's in medicine.

CountryDoc Magazine

Psychology Resources on the Palm Pilot

Sept 8/99. 9pm PST. Wireless MD Tidbit

Science This article at Excite discusses a new service utilizing the Palm VII's wireless modem. Details are sketchy, but I assume there will be some kind of network allowing hospitals, pharmacies, etc, to transmit data through the wireless service, making it more efficient than conventional methods. Interesting...


Sept 6/99. 2pm PST. General Notes on site updates

Science I'm redesigning the site so that it has a slashdot.org style front page. Tell me what you think of the new look. Also, if any of you are interested in assisting me with this site, please drop me a note. Thanks.

Aug 22/99. 7pm PST. Pediatric Pilot Site Comes Online

Added a link to the Pediatric Pilot Site. Thanks Vince.


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